Winston the bulldog is the symbol of Hawkins & Joseph. The bulldog has been associated with the British spirit for centuries - a link that was set in stone during the darkest days of World War II when the British faced the onslaught of Hitler’s Luftwaffe with determination and stubborn tenacity.

It helped that Winston Churchill, our great war leader, had grown to look a lot like one!

Over the following decades, the British bulldog was adopted by the English football team – Bulldog Bobby was England’s mascot in the 1982 World Cup - as well as the many youth cults our island has spawned.

You will find pictures of skinheads and terrace herberts with their bulldogs stretching back to the 1960s; and if they haven’t got an actual dog it’s more than likely that they will have a tattoo of one.

The H&J Winston is an actual dog, and true to his breed, he is patient and friendly with an upbeat temperament. For although they look aggressive, bulldogs are renowned to be resolute and courageous rather than bad-tempered and vicious.

Our Winston won’t be pushed around, but treat him well and he’ll be more likely to lick your face than bite your nose. And that’s the British bulldog spirit in a nutshell. We’re a friendly lot – until anyone tries to bully us or take liberties with us.

Then like 19th century bulldogs baiting a bull – the origin of their name – you’ll find we won’t back down, no matter what the odds.

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